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CHROMOSOME RESEARCH publishes Special Issues, guest edited by experts in the field. All articles in Special Issues are freely available for a limited period of time.
We wish to know what our readers want to see in forthcoming Special Issues. To recommend topics and potential guest editors (self-nominations are acceptable), please send your suggestions to:

Special Issue published in 2017: 

Genome Organization: Experiments and Modeling

Guest Editors: Nick Gilbert and Davide Marenduzzo

Special Issues published in 2016 

Centrosomes and Chromosome Stability

Guest Editors: Daniela Cimini and Giulia Guarguaglini

Special Issues published in 2015: 

Chromosome and Genome Engineering

Guest Editors: Natalay Kouprina and Vladimir Larionov

Repetitive DNA

Guest Editors: Maria Assunta Biscotti, Pat Heslop-Harrison, Ettore Olmo

Special Issue published in 2014: 

Cytogenetics, Epigenetics, and Genomics of Arabidopsis

Guest Editors: Martin A. Lysak, Paul F. Fransz

Special Issues Published in 2013: 

Non-Coding RNA

Guest Editors: Brian P. Chadwick, Kristin C. Scott

Avian genomics

Guest Editor: Darren K. Griffin

Biased Chromosome Segregation

Guest Editors: Helder Maiato, Yves Barral

Special Issues Published in 2012: 

Lampbrush Chromosomes

Edited by Herbert Macgregor

Sex and Sex Chromosomes - New Clues from Non-Model Species

Guest Editors: Tariq Ezaz and Jennifer A. Marshall Graves

Centromeres and Kinetochores

Guest Editors: Rachel J. O'Neill and Beth A. Sullivan

Special Issues Published in 2011: 

Mitotic Chromosomes and Microtubules: The Dynamic Duo

Guest Editor: J.G. Wakefield

Biophysics in Chromatin Structure and Nuclear Dynamics

Guest Editor: James G. McNally

Special Issue Published in 2010: 

Eukaryotic DNA Replication: Is Time of the Essence?

Guest Editors: Dean A. Jackson and Marie-Noëlle Prioleau

Special Issues Published in 2009: 

Dosage Compensation

Guest Editors: Edith Heard and Laura Carrel

The Many Fascinating Functions of SMC Protein Complexes

Guest Editor: Christian H. Haering

Special Issues Published in 2008: 

Comparative Cytogenetics in the Genomics Era: Cytogenomics Comes of Age

Emerging Technologies for the Study of Cell Nuclei and Chromosomes

Special Issue Published in 2007: 

Meiosis – Where Have We Got to and Where Are We Going?

Special Issue Published in 2006: 

Fruit Flies Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of their Contribution to Science