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Research trends in statistics underpin pharma research by offering powerful quantitative analysis tools that can be applied at every stage of the drug discovery, design and delivery process. Cutting-edge statistical techniques that model failure time, the hazard function of medical conditions based on interim analysis of longitudinal data, and martingale analysis of groups with no family of type are applied to pharma research, alongside marginal models, to determine the effectiveness of treatments.

Statistical modeling enables highly targeted pharma research  

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Statistics has a vital role in ensure that research programs to understand and develop treatments for healthcare challenges such as disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity and heart disease are benefitting from the full range of statistical and modeling methodologies available. Pharma product development applies innovations in medical statistics to the process of creating innovative new drugs. Drug discovery in pharma research continues to apply advances in statistics to drug discovery and to developing drug delivery systems. Ensuring that pharma development capitalizes on advances in statistics and continues to meet the needs of emerging treatments requires not just staying up-to-date with, but also anticipating, the direction of statistics research.

Essential statistics research and resources for pharma 

Springer publishes two leading research journals, including the Annals of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics, which seeks to advance the field of statistics and enable better management of uncertainties, and Statistics and Computing, a journal that addresses the use of statistical concepts in computer science and the use of computers in data analysis. Pharma researchers and practitioners can choose from over 170 of the leading textbooks, handbooks and references in the field of statistics. Statistical Monitoring of Clinical Trials: A Unified Approach offers pharma statisticians an accessible, incremental approach to understanding Brownian motion as related to clinical trials. The Handbook of Epidemiology covers the entire field of epidemiology, from statistical methods and study design, to specialized areas such as molecular epidemiology, to applications in clinical medicine and health services research.
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