1 December 2011

What our Partners Say: The Korean Society of Mechanical Engineers

The Korean Society of Mechanical Engineers (KSME) is a chartered non-profit organization. Their mission is to facilitate advances in the fields of mechanical engineering in industry and academia in order to contribute to the interest of general public.
Society & Partner Zone spoke to Professor Haecheon Choi, the Editor in Chief of the KSME’s journal, Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology, to find out more about their work and why they chose to publish with Springer.

Why did you choose to publish with Springer? What benefits does the partnership provide? 

We chose to publish with Springer to introduce our English journal, the Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology (JMST), to readers outside Korea by offering them convenient and easy access. Since we began our partnership with Springer, the number of full text article downloads has increased dramatically. We are hopeful that this trend will continue to cement JMST as a truly international journal.

Are there any particular challenges that your authors face in publishing their work for the global market? 

The majority of our authors are familiar with publishing in international journals so are aware of the requirements for submitting papers in English and for working within different journal formats. For some, publishing in a foreign language can be slightly problematic but they are prepared to put in the effort to increase their chances of getting published. Additionally, all papers submitted to JMST are reviewed by professional copy editors before publication to ensure that language and grammar is accurate, so that JMST maintains its high quality standards.

How do you encourage authors to contribute to your journals? What processes or support do you offer to help them publish articles in your journal? 

We distribute a call for papers and other promotional leaflets via all the international conferences that our society is involved in. We also print adverts in the program book of the KSME Annual Conference.

What is your view on open access? Is it something that your society is actively embracing?  

Open access requires a significant publication charge from authors. Unless funding agencies pay for this publication charge, it is not easy for authors to publish open access. Unfortunately, most funding agencies in our research field do not currently support the idea of open access.

Finally, are there any other achievements or particular challenges that your society has experienced that you would like to tell us about? 

Our society embraces all areas related to mechanical engineering which presents some challenges for us that other societies focusing on one specific area may not experience. But with more than 66 years of experience in these fields, we have earned a national reputation for our research in mechanical engineering. With dedicated service and support from the organizing committee and members, we will continue to grow as a major society representing Korea.
Society & Partner Zone thanks Professor Haecheon Choi for this interview.

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