Forget-Me-Not – Keeping Track of Journals That Have Transferred to Springer

Every year many journals move from one publisher to another and it can be easy to miss a journal that has changed hands. The renewal season is here again and to make it as easy as possible for our customers we have set up a special website dedicated to all these journals that are joining the Springer portfolio.
On customers can always find an up-to-date overview of all journals that are new to Springer, either coming from another publisher or society or as a new start. Also accessible from this page is an overview of titles that are no longer published.

Listening to our Library Advisory Boards 

Originally we started this website after having received similar feedback at some of our Library Advisory Board meetings. It was an issue for quite some LAB members to keep track of all these transfer journals. Their request was to make this information easily accessible and as complete as possible to facilitate the renewal process.

The Transfer Code of Practice 

Springer is also one of the endorsing publishers of the Transfer Code of Practice; a UKSG initiative that responds to the expressed needs for consistent guidelines to ensure that journal content remains easily accessible when there is a transfer between parties and that the transfer process occurs with minimum disruption. The Forget-Me-Not website fits perfectly in this code of practice as together with our Serials Updates it takes care of the communication to our customer base. More info on:

2010 Developments in Springer’s Portfolio 

So far we’ve added 39 transfer titles to our list and 29 new starts. Among the transfer journals is the Journal of High Energy Physics (JHEP), which has an impact factor of 5.659. JHEP is a leading international, peer-reviewed, online-only scientific journal owned by the International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA – Trieste, Italy).
Only ten journals have been discontinued or are no longer published by Springer, of which six ceased publication, three due to discontinued sales co-operations, and one due to merger with another Springer journal.
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