Encyclopedia of Remote Sensing

Represents the first encyclopedic work dedicated to remote sensing
Serves as the best point of entry for anyone wishing to explore the world of remote sensing
Offers clear, reliable descriptions and plenty of references to help readers ... More


Encyclopedia of Natural Hazards

The Encyclopedia of Natural Hazards effectively captures and integrates contributions from international specialists whose range of expertise address some 250 topics pertinent to the field of natural hazards. ... More


Encyclopedia of Lakes and Reservoirs

The Encyclopedia of Lakes and Reservoirs reviews the physical, chemical and ecological characteristics of lakes and reservoirs, and describes their uses and environmental state trends in different parts of the world.


Encyclopedia of Solid Earth Geophysics

This new volume, edited by Prof. Harsh K. Gupta, represents a thoroughly revised and expanded reference work. It brings together more than 200 articles covering established and new concepts of Geophysics across various sub-disciplines ... More


Encyclopedia of Agrophysics

Encompasses both the fundamental and the applied aspects of agrophysics and provides a clear explanation of present knowledge and research in modern agrophysics to protect the environment and improve food quality.


Encyclopedia of Modern Coral Reefs

*Presented from a geological rather than an ecological angle
*Will be used by a wide range of disciplines as well as earth scientists
*Coral reefs are highly topical because of their worldwide decline and the damaging impact of climate change


Encyclopedia of Soil Science

The Encyclopedia of Soil Science brings together approximately 190 longer articles, together with some 350 definitions of common terms used in soil science. In effect, it is a combination of an encyclopedia and glossary of terms.


Forthcoming: Encyclopedia of Marine Geosciences

The “Encyclopedia of Marine Geosciences” comprises the current knowledge in marine geosciences whereby not only basic but also applied and technical sciences are covered. Through this concept a broad scale of users in the field of marine sciences and technique ... More


Encyclopedia of Geobiology

Students and researchers gain access to cross-disciplinary coverage of this rapidly evolving field at the interface of modern geoscience and bioscience. This unique major reference features a complete compilation of modern geobiological methods ... More


Encyclopedia of Snow, Ice and Glaciers

Focusing on snow, ice and glaciers, this encyclopedia provides an up-to-date resource of basic concepts and relevant topics. Research and teaching materials are included, in addition to specialized literature for geologists, geographers, climatologists ... More


Encyclopedia of Geomagnetism and Paleomagnetism

This entirely new Encyclopedia of Geomagnetism and Paleomagnetism is an up-to-date synthesis of the most basic concepts of Paleomagnetism and Geomagnetismis


Encyclopedia of Coastal Science

...features contributions by 245 well known international specialists in their respective fields, illustrated with line-drawings and photographs.


Encyclopedia of World Climatology

..emphasizes climatological developments that have evolved over the past twenty years. It offers more than 200 informative articles


CHOICE AWARD 2010 for Encyclopedia of Paleoclimatology

This new volume consists more than 230 articles by over 200 top experts in the field and provides long-term perspective on current climate change and environmental issues. Uses key observational evidence and computer simulations to reconstruct past climates.

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Peter Bobrowsky

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